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Updated: 7 August 2021 07:00:00 PM

What is the value of f(–1)??

Answer: The option (A) is correct that is f(1) =0 .

Against this background, how do you find the F 1 of a function?

Finding the Inverse of a Function
  1. First, replace f(x) with y .
  2. Replace every x with a y and replace every y with an x .
  3. Solve the equation from Step 2 for y .
  4. Replace y with f−1(x) f − 1 ( x ) .
  5. Verify your work by checking that (f∘f−1)(x)=x ( f ∘ f − 1 ) ( x ) = x and (f−1∘f)(x)=x ( f − 1 ∘ f ) ( x ) = x are both true.

Correspondingly what is F 1 on a graph?

the graph of y = f−1(x) is a reflection of the graph of y = f(x) in the line y = x and vice versa. Note The reflection of the point (x1,y1) n the line y = x is (y1,x1). Therefore if the point (x1,y1) is on the graph of y = f−1(x), we must have (y1,x1) on the graph of y = f(x).

In the same manner what is the value of f (- 3?

→ f(-3) = 10 .
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What is the special name of f 0?

This is the y intercept which is where the graph crosses the y axis. The y intercept always occurs when x = 0. So in other words, the special name for f(0) is the y intercept.

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What does f2 mean?

f(2) means that we should find the value of our function when x equals 2. Example. f(x)=x+7.

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What does F 0 represent?

The expression f(0) represents the y-intercept on the graph of f(x). The y-intercept of a graph is the point where the graph crosses the y-axis.

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